1.  How old do I have to be to attend Prodigy Cinema School? Program participants must be 18+ years old at the time their Prodigy session begins. High School Seniors may be registered to reserve their spot prior to being 18 years of age, but must be 18 on or before their session start date.

  2. How much does it cost to attend Prodigy Cinema School? The 4-week, immersive educational experience is $5,995.

  3. How many students are in each class? Each session will have approximately 20-25 students.

  4. Is there scholarship money available? Yes, scholarship help is distributed as it is available on a first-come, first-served and needs basis.

  5. Can I apply for financial aid? Yes. Our Admissions Advocate with ACU can provide you information about applying for financial aid that may be used for Prodigy Cinema School in either location (Dallas, TX or Nashville, TN).

  6. Do I have to be an ACU (Abilene Christian University) student to attend Prodigy Cinema School? No, this is not a requirement to attend. However, if you will take advantage of the opportunity to apply for financial aid to attend this program, that will be facilitated with you as a registered student through ACU.

  7. Who will my instructors be? Our mentors range from professional doctorate academics to Hollywood producers. Each session will be staffed by industry professionals hand-selected by Randy Brewer and his team.

  8. Is there a certificate for completing this program? Upon graduation from your 4-week session, you will receive a Professional Certification. (Please Note: This is not an accredited certificate) IF YOU ARE AN ACU STUDENT, you may also receive 3 units elective credit that may be applied to your degree program.

  9. Where will I stay? Is there dormitory housing available? No, we do not have dormitory housing available. We suggest staying with friends, renting an AB&B (possibly with other Prodigy school students), or making a note on your scholarship application that indicates you would like to stay with a "host family" in Nashville or Dallas. (Note: Host families are offered based on financial need and number of families offering their homes)

  10. Is there public transportation? Only in downtown Nashville and Dallas. (Depending on traffic, Revolution Pictures is approximately 15 minutes from Downtown Nashville and ACU at City Square is at the heart of Downtown Dallas) A car is recommended, however, UBER and LYFT are available wherever you might want to go in the greater Nashville or Dallas area.

  11. What can I expect to gain from the PRODIGY CINEMA SCHOOL? Education that is immersive and apprenticeship-based providing you a distinct advantage in storytelling and in the cinematic arts.

    • You will have a robust foundation in understanding story form and structure. You will be given the tools to craft and share a life-changing, inspirational story.

    • You will have a better understanding of your own story and how it shaped you.

    • You will never watch a film the same way again, as your expanded palate will provide a new depth of understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment.

    • You will have built or expanded your reel by gaining experience on actual working sets and film productions and by participating in creating your own film project.

    • You will have expanded your network by connecting with writers and filmmakers in the business that will have an opportunity to observe your skills in real time.

    • You will have an opportunity to forge new relationships and build deep friendships with like-minded students and mentors.

  12. What happens upon graduation? In addition to your professional certification for course completion, our goal at Prodigy is to accelerate your personal vision. We will give you an assessment of your strengths and your opportunities for growth. We will suggest next steps according to your personal goals and intersect you with opportunity.

  13. How are students graded and evaluated? Your online course material is housed through Canvas which is similar to other Learning Management Systems (LMS) out there you may have used like Moodle or Blackboard.  Once you have access, you will see a walkthrough of how to navigate the system, where you will retrieve your assigned homework, and how to submit your graded assignments.

  14. Are there any required materials? In preparation for class, please purchase a journal for you to take notes during class.  You will also need to purchase the following required class text:

    • Story by Robert McKee. ISBN: 978-0060391683

      We also have a recommended reading list that may be beneficial to read before or during the program:

    • Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. ISBN: 978-0807014295

    • Resonate by Nancy Duarte. ISBN: 978-0470632017

    • The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr. ISBN: 978-0824519506

      It is our aim to help raise up the next 1,000 storytellers to create meaningful, powerful stories with heart. Our hope is that one of them is you!


CALL OR TEXT: 615-560-8027 EMAIL: nathan@prodigycinemaschool.com